Alexa Lett

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love it.

Her Art Page?    Here…. Please visit her…

Alexa Lett
Her profile:  Old stuff becomes quirky, new neck and wall garnish. Alexa Lett    enjoys    the art of giving casual items renewed life and a fresh new purpose. Her inspiration for art comes from contradiction…rust and lace, pearls and wood, metal and fabric…books and paint…and a pure affection for anything considered vintage. Her ideas and art have been featured on various HGTV and Discovery Channel segments and shows. All of her creations are best described as old-new stuff… re-purpose…re-do…re-invent…re-use… thus, the art of being renewed.

Love it.



Christopher Zenger

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Chis Zenger’s Art
is insightful, rife with emotion and lovely.
Please check out his work.

Simon Warmer Fotografie

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Simon Warmer has been a photographer since 1988. He got his education at the School of Photography The Hague. Although classified as a still photographer by advertising agencies, quite a lot of his work is shot on location. Warmer works for all major Dutch agencies and abroad. He won the Silver AOP 2005 as well as seven PANL Awards.

The Machine is Us/ing us

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This is unusual but I believe this video is a form of online art…

Rudy’s Ruckers

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I found Rudy Ruckers via Boingboing and I really like his work. He’s weird and cool! You can see more of his work at This is no highbrow artiste… he is down to earth, painting his dog and characters from Flatland amoung others. Enjoy!

Tony Fitzpatrick

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Chicago Butterfly
Tony Fitzpatrick spins magical tales from his own history and that of his beloved city Chicago via drawing-collages, vivid combinations of drawing, text and applied elements like matchbooks, postcards, gambling slips and ballgame stubs. In this gorgeous book created with Alex Kotlowitz, Fitzpatrick introduces the first set of drawing-collages as chapters in an ongoing project that is both personal diary and chronicle of Chicago.

Alex Kotlowitz is author of There are no Children Here, The Other Side of the River, and Never a City so Real. He also writes for the New Yorker and the New York Times.

“Vivid in every detail, these works bring to mind all sorts of pieced-together mediums beyond collage… Compressing several forms of expression within their limited borders, they remind us that when the world created is complete enough, originality is beside the point.” -The New York Times

Daniel Merriam

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Daniel Merriam A World Apart
A World Apart
Dimensions, HxW: 23.7×40″
Total Edition: 135
Daniel Merriam

My favorite escape was climbing trees. I’d search for the tallest tree’ could find, pull myself up into its branches, and begin to climb. I pushed upward from limb to limb until the voices of children playing below faded into the rustling of leaves. I ventured higher and higher, testing my faith as the branches grew progressively thinner. Once near the top, I perched precariously on a limb, braced against the trunk as it swayed in the wind. This was my own world, and from here I could see forever.