Frederique Krzis-Lorent

lady Lady
portrait de femme 90 x 90 cm watercolor by Frederique Kris-Lorent.

This is so incredibly French! The allure of her face and the gesture with her hand all seem so very mysterious and European to me. The pouty lips, the unusual chair, it’s really quite stunning.

Frederique was born in Rouen. He acquired his Architect diploma in 1982. He was an architect for 10 years. He found it necessary to seek a psychotherapist and he painted to rediscover space and the world. There was a period when he painted abstract subjects: fabrics burst by a knife, traces of prints of the body, an imaginary alphabet he created etc… it was expressed by him symbolically. He painted then figurative but always by using the symbol: “the laid down woman”, (as art therapy) symbolizing the muscular effort it takes to be raised and his difficulty in making things.

Since he has always been fascinated by fashion and clothing, he created a hundred drawings intended for the textile. Having understood that painting can release from certain sufferings, he passed a diploma in Specialized in Art therapy in 2000. Currently, he is always in the search of an ideal, a rest, of laughter, so much in the field of the colors, the lines, the forms, the composition and what the choice of the subject in the imagination evokes. His subjects of predilection are the seats (chairs?), the plants and the woman. Says Fredrique:

Today, I paint women. A praise so that I believe being femininity; in the search of a woman. I drive out the annoyance of it. To locate me in the history of painting and architecture; my key to painting is rather impressionistic whereas my colors are rather fawn-coloured. I think of course being “expressive” in the gestural key, the choice of colors, subjects etc… As regards the composition, I am quartered between the baroque, functionalism and the minimalism. Three styles which fill me in turn. (translated from French)

More of Frederique’s work can be found at


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